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About Us

BLC3 Evolution, Lda is a spin off from BLC3 Association - Technology and Innovation Campus focused on the development of turnkey solutions (Design Engineering) at the level of green processes of valorisation and conversion of waste into value-added products with impact on Bioeconomy and Circular Economy.


Our mission is to “remove” the word waste from economic activity: No such thing as waste, everything is a resource.


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Mobilisation of Scientific and Technological Knowledge in Response to Agri-Food Market Challenges.

The MOBFOOD project aims to respond to the challenges related to the promotion of a more competitive national food industry. It will entail the promotion of new growth strategies based on the reinforcement of technological, innovation and R&TD capacity, aimed at obtaining new products, services, processes or technologies, acting along the entire value chain and reinforcing collaboration between the business and non-business sector. The goal is to make the food sector more sustainable, fully integrated, interconnected, transparent, resilient, safe, resource-efficient and consumer-centric, to be achieved through the implementation of solutions in three main pillars: "Food Safety and Sustainability", "Food for Health and Well-being" and "Safe Food and Quality", materialising in the research and development of new processes, products or services.

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Biotransformation of pine resin for the production of biofixatives based on biotechnological compounds and natural pigments for textile applications

The 72630_BIOPINUS project aims at the R&I of pine resin-based ecosystem biofixers for natural pigments with application in the textile industry. The extensive experience of the consortium in R&D, from raw material and extraction processes (BLC3 Evolution), organic chemistry (FFUL), biotransformation processes, ecotoxicity and human toxicity (ITQB), technological and pilot scale up (BLC3 Evolution) will contribute to the success of the project, as well as through the partners involved in it, from resin producers (Resipinus), forest producers (CentroPinus) to the 2nd resin transformation (PinoPine).

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📍Open Day at BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus! This event featured the BioPinus project, which aims at the biotransformation of pine resin for the production of biofixatives based on biotactive compounds and natural pigments with textile application.

This project is promoted by BLC3 Evolution, along with Universidade Nova de Lisboa and tje Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon.

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